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Our Fees

Estate, tax and business planning fees vary to meet the different needs of our clients. Our goal is to streamline your estate and business planning needs by providing cost effective services that accomplish your goals. We explain to potential clients the documents necessary to create an effective plan and also discuss the approximate cost to effectuate it. We offer flat fee arrangements for certain types of plans and cases. If you wish to discuss your estate and business planning needs, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Our Collaborative Approach

At Silversmith Legal, we believe it is essential to work with the client, the client’s financial advisor, CPA, and any other advisors to achieve the client’s goals as a team. Our usual process is to begin with having you fill out our estate planning questionnaire. The questionnaire provides us with pertinent information prior to meeting with you or your family.

After completion of the estate planning questionnaire, we then meet to discuss your goals and the documents that will be created. We then draft the documents, send them out for your review, and follow-up to ensure that your wishes are accurately reflected in the documents.

As soon as we confirm that everything is correct, we finalize the documents for execution, and schedule a signing ceremony to properly execute the documents—the original documents are given to the client and we keep electronic copies. We avidly use technology at Silversmith Legal and can provide electronic copies of documents to clients upon request, as well as schedule meetings via Skype or FaceTime if that is more convenient for you than coming to our office in person.